“I enjoy singing, and participating in the Badarak lifts my spirits.”  – Karen Jehanian

“I sing because of my deep love for the Armenian Church liturgy.          It makes me feel closer to God.”  – Gregory Vosbikian

St. Gregory’s Church Choir comprises mostly amateur singers, who have been members from an early age. The group is united through their love of singing, especially their love of prayer through singing. New members are always welcome. If you are at least 13 years old, and love to sing, contact the church or any choir member for information.

Choir Director

maroushMaroush Paneyan Nigon, choir director and soloist, has been a member of St. Gregory’s church choir since 1970. She studied voice in the private studio of Marianne Casiello of the Curtis Institute of Music, until Madame Casiello’s death in 2016. She has given many recitals over the years for both Armenian and non-Armenian audiences. She has appeared with KNAR Armenian Choral Group, area symphony orchestras, Bel Canto Lyric Opera Company, was a featured artist in the Armenian Prelacy’s Musical Armenia recital, and has given benefit recitals for the ARS, St. Gregory’s Church, and Hamazkayin of Philadelphia. Maroush taught music to all grades at Armenian Sisters Academy for 20 years, until her retirement in 2015. At present, she is privileged to be the musical director and conductor of the Philadelphia Hamazkayin Akhtamar Choral Group.




Karina Adriano is a graduate of the Musical College of Tbilisi, Georgia and State Music Conservatory in the country of Georgia.  She began her career as the permanent pianist of the Georgia Philharmonic Orchestra, performing solo concerts, accompanist to guest singers and playing with the full orchestra. Karina continued her career performing solo concert tours all over the former Soviet Union, Turkey, Israel, Italy, Austria, and Greece.

Since moving to the United States, Karina continued to perform in solo concerts, performed in venues such as Caesar’s palace and Bally’s Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ, NY area, Philadelphia Convention Center and the Philadelphia Art Museum.  Around 10 years ago, she began working as the accompanist pianist in the University of Arts and The Rock School for Dance Education and Pennsylvania Ballet.



Frequently Asked Questions about St. Gregory’s Choir:

Q:  How do I join?  A:  Simply contact Choir Director, Maroush Paneyan Nigon at 484-557-0267, any choir member, or the church office.

Q:  Must I attend each Sunday?  A:  It is not essential that members sing each Sunday.

Q:  Are there regular rehearsals so that I can learn the Badarak?  A:  Choir members will be informed by email, text, and when possible, through an announcement in the weekly Chronicle, about the rehearsal schedule.

Q:  Are there tryouts?  A:  No, if you like to sing, you are welcome.

Q:  Must I have formal music or voice training to sing?  A:  No, our choir is a mostly amateur choir.  A willingness to sing and learn are all you need.