St. Gregory Church’s Seroonian Community Center is located behind St. Gregory’s Church.  After the completion of the construction of our church, the house was converted to a community center where our church’s sister organizations – Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF), Armenian Youth Federation (AYF), HOMENETMEN and Hamazkayin cultural organization – have their activities.

It has served as the central community gathering point for the Philadelphia Armenian community since 1981.  Seeronian Hall hosts a variety of activities, which include Friday night dinners, organizational meetings, and private events.

For more information, please visit the Seroonian Community Center’s website:

For rentals, please call the church’s office at 215-482-9200.


The Seroonian Community Center is governed by a committee which organizes the use of the facility.

Noubar Yeremian, Chairman –

Maral Kaloustian, Treasurer

Manuel Ishkhanian, Corresponding Secretary

Sevag Shirozian, Seroonian Community Center Web Aministrator

Mari Degirmenci

Elizabeth Dramgotchian

Zohrab Dramgotchian

Lena Ohannessian Streeter

Ara Panosian

Noubar Yeremian, BOT Liaison